V4.1 for ios

Learn to Write is a fun way for children to learn how to write their letters and numbers, and with the improved playback feature in version 4.1, it's easy for the teacher to make sure they do it correctly.  This unique playback function, found in Learn to Write,  saves the child's writing so you can play it back in real time to see how the child is forming letters and numbers.

Children learn the proper strokes with the help of an adjustable-speed-animated ball that they can follow and write along with.  With each selection of a letter or number, an audio file says the letter to aid in memorizing the alphabet.  Over a dozen unique pen styles are available for tracing.

Instructions for use:

-Select numbers, or letters in lowercase, uppercase, or mixed case using the segmented control on the settings screen.

-When a letter is selected and the child writes upon the screen, the writing is saved in memory.  Pushing the triangle-shaped play button at the bottom of the writing screen plays back the last recorded strokes for each letter. A toolbar button allows the user to erase all of the saved strokes in memory.

-Red number icons on the settings screen give the total number of letter or number recordings.

-The brush button displays a pulldown menu full of usable brush styles.  Just touch the brush-style to select it.

-Letter buttons display the letter on the screen and turn orange when there are saved strokes for the letter. At any time the user can draw using one's finger, just like a real pen and erase the drawing with the erase button on the toolbar.

-The toolbar button with a letter and ball activates the animated red ball, which demonstrates proper letter or number formation.

- Adjust the speed of the ball and volume using the sliders on the settings screen.

-Press the home and power button at the same time to take a snapshot of the screen and save it in the photo archive of the device .

Feel free to contact us with questions or comments about this application at info@hackettsystemsllc.com

Privacy Policy - Posted February 1, 2016
Thanks for using Learn To Write.  We do not in any way collect, access, or use the data entered into this application for any purpose.  We do not require or have the capability of accessing any information that you provide as a result of using Learning To Write.  All writing stroke data resides locally on your device only, and can be erased by you with the buttons provided in the application, restarting the application, or by restarting your iOS device.